From Here to Tokyo I wrote you is a mix media installaion, the audio intallation contain and recorded of a letter abstarcted by the original letter in Spanish inside to the bottlel. With the collaboration of the performing artist Franzis Siegrist and the artis Mari Ishiwata (Photos Tokyo).


fromheretotokyo 5 433We know that the code of language is the primary basis for communication. It is where the understanding between individuals, the insertion point to a community, a culture, the means by which to work and sustain their existence, language released or coerces us emotionally. With a simple letter and a bottle, a personal letter sent to a friend, perhaps in a peculiar way, a bottle message, in which I pretend to show the problem and the implication to communicate despite the advances of technology.  A bottle, a cork, a letter, and a desire to communicate

During the process of writing the letter, I also made an elementary study between phonetics of the Spanish and Japanese language, preserving the simple sounds of syllables similar in both languages, only modifying some of the variations in the composition of the words between them, thus following a pattern based on one of the rules of the Japanese phonology, which does not support double consonants. New words are created by repeating the same word. Based on this I have obtained an abstraction of the letter. This is only possible by creating rules to follow during the process.



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